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An Earth Saving Revolution (Volume 1) - Teruo Higa (english)

  An Earth Saving Revolution (Volume 1) - Teruo Higa (english)
An Earth Saving Revolution (Volume 1) - Teruo Higa (english)
Teruo Higa
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The first book written by Dr. Teruo Higa, discoverer and developer of Effective MicroorganismsTM and Effective MicroorganismsTM Technology. Published by Sunmark Publishing in Japan. This book describes the Dr. Higa's discovery and the philosophy he developed through observing this incredible product which is now used in over 120 countries. An Earth Saving Revolution has been translated into over 10 languages.


At this moment of time, the Earth is sick, very sick. Witness the floods and earthquakes occurring not only in Japan but around the world; the bloody racial conflicts; the movements of vast numbers of refugees; a global recession that leaves no nation unaffected; and, on the medical front, AIDS, an insidious disease for which no complete cure has yet been found and which is rapidly spreading over the entire planet. Disasters and incidents such as these are now occurring with a frequency that would seem to herald the end of the world in a manner which many might see as giving credence to the prophesies of Nostradamus.

Is it possible that such calamities could culminate in the destruction of the planet? If it is, then it is up to us, the human race to take steps to ensure such an eventuality is prevented. It is our task: the burden lies on our shoulders. It is both the duty and responsibility of the human race to save Planet Earth. The first priority in the task of rescuing the Earth is to resolve the problem of food shortages. After that we need to come to grips with environmental issues and problems facing us on the medical front. Energy is another pressing problem that needs to be dealt with as a matter of urgency.I believe I have identified a way of tackling and solving the primary problem of the food supply, and it lies in making use of the tiny creatures I call "effective microorganisms.: Effective Microorganisms, or EM for short, and their various applications form the subject of this book.

When I first stated out on this course, it was with the belief that the use of EM on a global scale would have a beneficial effect on food production. However, I have since come to realize it can also be used to great advantage in far wider range of applications than I ever envisaged when I began to work with it. Not only does EM seem to offer a solution to another of Earth's currently pressing problems, that of global environmental pollution, it also promises beneficial results in the area of medical health, and research is currently progressing into the application of EM in both these fields.

Although a number of regional municipal organizations in Japan have already begun using EM, the speed with which EM technology is spreading in other countries around the world is so great that I find most of my time is now taken up lecturing and advising on the use of it outside Japan. As you will come to understand in greater detail as you read this book, used for agricultural purposes, EM has the ability to turn any type of soil, deserts included, into good, arable land capable of producing harvests many times greater than the current yield, and this totally without the use of pesticides, agricultural chemicals or artificial fertilizers of any kind. It might be immodest on my part to make such a claim, but the agricultural use of EM would seem to provide the ideal natural method of organic farming we have been dreaming about for so long, and it is my hope that it will come to be used in this way on a global scale. I believe the general use of EM agricultural methods has the potential to generate happiness for the individual in all nations everywhere. the realization of personal happiness for all individuals would constitute a positive move that would carry us away from the current social order with its basis on confrontation and competition, and bring us a step nearer to a world united in coexistence and co-prosperity. If this could be achieved, it would mean the end to an age where the principle of military dominance has held sway, and it is my belief that EM has no small role to play at this time of such major changes in the history of the human race.

Technologies and concepts, like that of EM, needed for problem-solving in the coming age of coexistence and universal co-prosperity--even to those for solving something like the energy problem--already exist. All that is required now is to devise a basic structure to ensure they will be used in an absolutely correct manner in the future. I am not for one moment claiming EM to be the panacea for all Earth's problems, but it is my hope that this book will provide the layman or anyone not intimately connected with the field with some understanding of a technology which is already becoming established as one of the trends in the newly unfolding history of humanity.

Teruo Higa
Okinawa, Japan, August 1993

  • Paperback: 335 pages
  • Publisher: Sunmark Publishing; 2nd edition (1996)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 4763191578
  • ISBN-13: 978-4763191571


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